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Manage HomeLight’s highly qualified buyer and seller referrals on the go.

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HomeLight uses your real transaction history to match you with highly qualified home buyers and sellers. Unlike any other service, HomeLight qualifies each lead before we send it to you. We make sure clients understand the HomeLight process and expect your call.

Our new agent portal mobile app is the best way to manage those referrals. We help you connect with clients, update deals, check your stats, and call leads straight from the app so that you can keep on top of your referrals on the go.

With our agent portal mobile app you can...

-Update your HomeLight profile:
Change your profile picture, make edits to your About section, and keep your contact information up to date so clients and our HomeLight concierge can get ahold of you and send you new referrals right as they come in.

-Check your stats:
Your HomeLight stats keep you informed on how you rank on our site and track the total amount you’ve earned from HomeLight commissions. Your stats also give you the percentage of leads you respond to within fifteen minutes so you can work towards improving that number to get more HomeLight referrals.

-Manage your client relationships and update deals:
Use your Leads tab to track and update every step of the process for efficient client management on the go. See a list of all current clients, call new leads, search for leads by name, address, or list price, and update the status with each client. Contact clients via email or phone straight from your lead queue.

See which leads are new, urgent, important, or updated so you can jump on connections right as they come in and keep track of which leads need attention. View each client’s property on a map so you can navigate right to the address. View the history for each client and add any applicable notes to keep track of details you don’t want to miss.

-Change notification settings and password and set vacation status:
Let us know when you’re lounging on the beach in Cabo or hiking the Himalayas so that your lead response time stats stay healthy (and you don’t have to worry about referrals coming in while you relax). Choose to get push notifications when you get a new lead so you connect with the client right away, and receive notifications when client statuses need to be updated.

-Contact us for general and lead related questions:
Get connected with a HomeLight concierge or get lead related support for any questions you have or bumps that pop up in the road.
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