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Meet new people every Thursday

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Exclusive Singles Events in Your City + 24 Hours Of Matching

Who are we?
We're Thursday - the dating movement that brings your city's single population together under one roof. We're not a traditional dating app, we're against the serial swiping culture with our matching featuring only being LIVE for 24 hours a week PLUS you'll also see events happening in your city.

How does it work?
Weekly events happen in cities around the world that attract singles like you, to designated venues so you can mingle, in person, knowing everyone is single around you. Just a bar, everyone single.

Can I match with people?
While we don't see ourselves as a dating app, Thursday has a match and chat function where we encourage people to match, chat and meet that same say. Everything deletes at midnight though, so make your move quick - this is not for time wasters.

Time to get off screen and go IRL. After all, a good love story never starts with 'so I swiped right'.

Key Features:
• Receive updates on the upcoming singles events in your city
• Attend events at great locations full of other singles
• Match with other singles in your city every Thursday

The app is free to use. Members looking to send unlimited likes, get boosted, get 5 Love Keys, use Ghost Mode can upgrade to a Premium Membership.

Support: [email protected]
Terms of Service: https://www.getthursday.com/terms-of-use
Privacy Policy: https://www.getthursday.com/privacy-policy
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