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Hubitat Elevation Mobile allows Dashboards, Geofence and Push Notifications.

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Hubitat Elevation Mobile App is the official mobile app for the Hubitat Elevation Platform.

Existing owners of Hubitat Elevation Hubs can do the following from this mobile app:

- Access Dashboards to control devices, change Hubitat Safety Monitor status or change Modes and more.

- Create a Geofence that will update a "Mobile Presence" device on the hub that will change from "present" to "not present" based on the pin location radius and phone location. This defaults to your hub location but can be dragged to any location.

- Receive Push Notifications from the hub for anything set up in apps using the Push Message methods.

NOTE: This app is not for the administration of the hub, this should be done via the portal or the local IP address of the hub.

We are in the process of rolling out an update to the Hubitat Portal. This upgrade requires migrating to a Hubitat account. To start this process at https://portal.hubitat.com/migrate . Complete the migration process and log in and change your temporary password to a new password on that site and then you will be able to login to the app.
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