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IGNrando' - France hiking maps descripción

IGNrando’ is a collaborative platform for sharing routes and points of interest (POIs) related to outdoor activities in France.

Rich data offer
• Tens of thousands of routes and POIs all accross Metropolitan and Overseas France.
• Choose the activity, difficulty level and route length to find routes around you or near any other place.
• Download or mark as favorite the desired routes or POIs.

IGN & OSM maps
Choose from the best available maps for France:
• IGN maps: IGN maps of various scales
• IGN Top25: the famous 1:25000 French topo maps available at all zoom levels
• IGN Scan Express: most up-to-date topo maps with less topographic details for easy reading
• ICAO aeronautical maps
• OpenStreetMap Outdoors map: useful topographic map for border areas and other countries
• IGN Aerial photos: high resolution aerial and satellite images
• Slopes maps: transparent layer with 4 colors for slopes above 30°, useful for winter activites
• IGN Roads & paths: transparent layer with the road & path network of France

GPS guiding along the routes
• See your progression on the altitude graph
• Get alerted if you exit the route
• Get notified of upcoming POIs or route info points (available soon)

GPS tracking & data creation
• Record your own routes with GPS tracking
• Quickly create routes on-device with the automatic routing tool that follows roads and paths (online only, with subscription)
• Create POIs
• Sync your data on ignrando.fr website

Offline use
• Free downloading of Routes and POIs on your device for offline use
• Maps downloading with subscription
Useful tip: To improve battery life, use the app in Airplane Mode (or disable Mobile Data). Location Services (GPS) will remain active in Airplane Mode.

IGNrando’ Liberté yearly subscription
• Access to all maps and unlimited downloading of maps for offline use
• Manually create routes with the automatic routing tool

Use an SD card to store your data
Free space on your device.

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Got ideas to improve the IGNrando' app
Write us on: [email protected]
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