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Infraspeak makes maintenance management simple and efficient.

Infraspeak descripción

Infraspeak makes maintenance management simple and efficient with a simple app that keeps track of interventions in sync with other interfaces.

Infraspeak is a flexible solution that increases teams efficiency and reduces operational costs by using technologies as NFC, APIs, Apps, and sensors. The mobile app is the perfect tool for maintenance technicians and is part of the Infraspeak integrated platform, which includes a web application for managers and a reporting interface for staff and customers.

With Infraspeak it is possible to manage preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, audits and housekeeping, to speed up failures resolution, to centralize all information about equipment and buildings, to control costs, and more.

Main advantages of Infraspeak for maintenance technicians:
• Quickly check the work schedule.
• Access to all technical documentation.
• Eliminates unnecessary moving.
• Simpler communication with managers, customers, and other technicians.

Infraspeak’s mobile app works on offline mode, allowing technicians to work even in places with a difficult internet access.

Learn more about the platform at https://infraspeak.com
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