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About Jaipur Rehab Jaipur Rehab is one stop solution for Online Education in Physiotherapy. We are rendering our services for the same since 2018. Jaipur Rehab started its journey of online education in Physiotherapy with YouTube and later on ever since there has been global tragedy of covid-19, we have rendered our services for physiotherapy students and professionals. Reaching over 10,000 students globally till now, Jaipur Rehab becomes a pioneer institute in Online Physiotherapy Education. From a YouTube channel that started in 2018, we became a feature-rich and an only educational technology platform in Physiotherapy by 2021. About Jaipur Rehab App This is an educational app exclusively made for online study in Physiotherapy. By this platform students & professionals can attend live lectures, see the recorded videos, access the pdf notes etc. Preparation related to competitive exams for government jobs, entrance exams for higher education and comprehensive syllabus study of the curriculum of undergraduate & postgraduate education.
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