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Josh Bade Bhaiya App(BB App) descripción

Safalta ki chaabi ab hamari jeb mein. Aaj he download karen Josh BB App aur juden aise logo se jinhone apne parishram aur icha shakti se halaaton ko haraaya aur samaaj mein apni ek nayi pehchaan banayi. Ab seekhen apne Favorite Josh Talks Speakers se 1-1 baat aur guidance paakar, Josh BB App par.

Key Features:

Josh BB is a place for career-oriented young people to get connected to their role models. We can become part of audio-first conversations where we can directly ask our role model questions on any topic that we want.

In order to access the app, we are required to sign in via our phone number. Once we input our mobile number, we are sent an OTP, which gets auto-detected and we sign in.

Once we sign in, we are taken to the feed where multiple conversation rooms are present, some are scheduled for a later date, some are live in the present.

We can set reminders for scheduled conversation rooms, or join a conversation room that is live right now.

When a room that we set reminder for goes live, we are sent notifications, in form of SMS Notifications, Push Notification, and In-app notifications. These notifications help a user to join the room and become a part of the conversation.

Inside a conversation room, the conversation moderator generally speaks on topics that can help users in the audience make better career decisions. We can raise our hand inside the conversation room, which if approved by the conversation room owner, allows us to speak to the moderator directly.

We can also look for any role model who actively conducts these conversation rooms by searching for them. We can also follow the role models who we want to follow, and get notified every time they start a conversation room inside the app.

Hence on Josh BB App, one can:<\br>

- Listen in to focussed 20-minute conversations and even become a part of such conversations<\br>

- Mentor young people as a role model<\br>

- Engage with career-oriented like-minded people<\br>

Privacy Policy - https://www.joshtalks.com/privacy-policy/<\br>

Part Of The Josh Group<\br>
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