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Keen Psychic Reading & Tarot descripción

New to Keen? Receive a 5-minute Psychic Reading for just $1.
Keen Advisors have a range of in skills like Tarot, love and relationships, Astrology, and more. Satisfaction is guaranteed, but we have a feeling you’ll be coming back to see us again soon. To get started, simply download the app and choose from one of our many gifted Psychic Advisors. This promo is only available to first-time users, so don't miss your chance to receive this one-time opportunity.

With over 45 million meaningful conversations and counting, the Keen app provides on-the-go guidance for those seeking greater clarity. Our Advisors empower you with insights in a secure environment to help reveal your best path forward. Our global network of Advisors is fully vetted, deeply experienced, and offer services and skills that include:
• Astrology
• Tarot
• Love & Relationships
• Career & Financial Outlook
• Dream Interpretation
• Psychic Mediums
• Chakra Cleansing
• Aura Cleansing
• Angel Readings
• Numerology/Angel Numbers
• Feng Shui
• Pet Psychics
• Cartomancy

Keen app features include:
• Free personalized daily horoscopes.
• Optimized search tools that help you easily find and connect Psychic Advisors across all topics and areas of expertise.
• Our Best Match tool helps you quickly and accurately find the right Psychic that best matches your needs and preferences.
• Live updates on your favorite Psychics’ availability.
• Should your Psychic be unavailable at a given time, easily reserve a callback during a window that is convenient for you.

Real-time Advisor Ratings & Reviews
Keen Psychic Advisor feedback provides honest insight into our customers’ experiences and levels of satisfaction, which can help you find the right Psychic for you. You’ll notice that reviews are updated constantly, so it’s not uncommon to read feedback about Psychic readings within the past few days or even today.

Interactive Experiences
Get a digital Tarot Card reading, crack open a fortune cookie, or answer that burning question with a shake of the Magic 8-Ball. It’s fun, free, and insightful.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
If for whatever reason you’re not satisfied, please share your experience by calling our live customer support team toll-free or by submitting a web support request. The foundation of Keen is built on providing a world-class experience, so let us know if you have a comment, question, or issue, and a Keen customer satisfaction specialist will respond promptly.

Keen, By the Numbers
• 2+ decades of reliable Psychic guidance
• 14+ million satisfied customers
• 45+ million meaningful conversations
• 11+ million customer reviews
• 2,000+ vetted, gifted Keen Advisors
• 24/7 on-the-go availability
• 100% confidential; your Psychic Readings are always private, safe, and secure

What Our Customers are Saying About Us
• “My Advisor got to the heart of the matter almost immediately, and provided guidance that had a specific and positive impact on how I approached a critically important decision.”
N. Smith
• “I couldn’t believe how in tune my Advisor was with my future!”
• “Thankful for the help - the best reading I’ve ever had.”
• “I use the app before I go out on a date and it always puts my head in the right space.”
• “You helped me find my soulmate.”
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