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KingsBusiness - use tools to get closer to your audience.

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KingsBusiness - use tools to get closer to your audience, to promote and expand your reach.

KingsBusiness is a new app from KingsChat family. You can easily connect with your existing KingsChat account ad start expanding your reach using new marketing options! Now you can promote your account and bond with your followers in KingsChat on brand new levels.

One tool to manage your SuperUsers - are you an admin of a SuperUser in Kingschat? Easily switch between accounts for which you are the admin.

Send promo messages - want to promote yourself? Send a promotional message as a SuperUser that will appear in the private chat of your active followers! Choose one of the personalized packages that suit your marketing needs. You can follow the stats of the sent promo and check the reach of the selected audience!

Chat 1on1 with your followers - chat with your beloved followers in KingsChat. Create new bonds and get to know better people who love your content.

Make your SuperUser better than ever and promote yourself in KingsChat! Join KingsBusiness now.

Feel free to reach us here: [email protected]
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