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Kirovka helps to comply with requirements at all stages of shoe supply chain

Kirovka descripción

Kirovka, from Cleverence Soft, has been designed from the ground up, to enable you to comply with the latest legislation from Chestny Znak, the operator of the Unified National Track & Trace System “Honest Sign” for Footwear within the Russian Federation.
Kirovka, provides Overseas Manufacturers and Importers with the capability to label Footwear prior to importing; as well as providing end Retail clients with the capability to label residual stock already in country, ensuring total compliance.
Mobile Kirovka, runs on native Android operating system, allowing you to select from a wide variety of hand-held devices already on the market. Kirovka Server, has been designed to operate on the Windows operating system, again, providing you with a range of hardware platforms from, laptop to Data Centre Servers.
Out of the Box -
Kirovka gives the flexibility to print on dedicated label printers through to desktop printers using pre-formatted A4 label stationary. We provide you with default label templates and the the functionality to create your own templates, giving the flexibility to design and size a variety of templates to meet your needs. You’re not restricted to just one!
Kirovka has in-built API functionality, allowing direct connection to the National operator, both for requesting labels as well as introducing labels into circulation; a key feature in the labelling process. Excel and CSV import functionality is supported, where the use of API is either not possible or practical.
The process of Aggregation within supply chain, associating individual products to larger shipping containers is supported, with easy functions for both warehouse and supply chain staff.
Lastly, Customs clearance, Importation and Accounting. Kirovka provides functionality, to allow the compilation of data used in Customs clearance, ensuring the clear identification of products both at unit and shipping container level. Integration to a number of accounting systems ensures closer stock and financial control.
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