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Simple Peer To Peer Money Transfer

Kyshi descripción

Kyshi is the new way to send money to and from Africa. Send money between the UK and up to 20 African countries. You can also send, receive, hold money in multiple currencies.

Your first transaction is FREE. Try it out, you've got nothing to lose!


Send money at your own rate: Kyshi puts you in control of the rates you can send money.
It's simple - create an offer with the amount you want to send or receive, state your desired rate and this gets posted on the 'Marketplace' where your offer gets accepted by one of our several thousand users. You then receive your funds instantly once your offer is matched.


Kyshi Express: Send money and receive instantly to up to 20 African countries at guaranteed best rates.


We built Kyshi to help Africans send money to and from Africa more cheaply and freely. It's no secret that sending money to Africa is one of the highest in the world and sending money out of Africa is nearly impossible in some countries, while in others, it's painstakingly difficult. Kyshi is that thing we've been missing - best rates, fast and simple. And all in the comfort in your home, on your phone.


Kyshi. Connecting Africa!
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