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Flashlight led descripción

Flashlight torch led is a totally free application that turns your Smartphone into a super flashlight quickly and efficiently. The application uses the Flash of your Smartphone to be able to lighten up what you need.

The application has a Strobe function that makes the led light of your phone blink very fast.

This app is an indispensable tool in your day to day, with this application you will always be accompanied by a super and powerful flashlight in your pocket.

This Torchlight has a sophisticated design making your phone even more beautiful.

Avoid using the old candle and use the new Flashlight - torch led app.

Is simple, beautiful, fast and brightness.

You can use this application to:

- During the night
- Walking in a dark place
- Read a Book in the Dark
- When the light ends at home
- Light your way
- During a party with the strobe function

Main features:

- Low phone space
- Strobe frequency adjustment
- Front brightness adjustment
- Works with locked screen
- Low battery consumption.
- Hd Interface
- Available for various smartphone models
- Totally free

Fast and efficient to get you out of the dark.
Install Flashlight - torch led on your phone and enjoy this free app.
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