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LED Banner Marquee :scroller descripción

LED Banner - LED Scroller Text is an easy-to-use LED scroller, just enter Emoji or Text to personalize your message, and then decide it be scroll or pause. Turn your device into a LED Scrolling Marquee/LED signboard.

You can choose text and background colors, text speed and direction. There are different types of effects such as Blink effects, animated background and many more options so you can adjust it to your preference ⚙️

Feel free to display your personalized LED scrolling text in noisy places like concerts, parties, bars to express your creative ideas, talk to people when they can’t hear you, attract other people’s attention, convey a message at night backgrounds, have fun with your friends, or simply use it to ask a girl out 😘

Also, you may use it to communicate with other people in quiet places such as meeting rooms and libraries to send any message without saying a word. It can be a communication tool for drivers to convey text to other drivers on the road that don’t use their blinker. This app will work as a scrolling banner perfectly so anyone can read the message at a distance 👀

Maybe you have tried other scrolling text apps and unsatisfied with their performance. Our app can displays message with emojis and perform like an actual LED badge so all you need to worry about is how to make your message be more interesting 😂

✔Emojis supported
✔Pause scrolling
✔Fantastic blink effects
✔Stylish background music
✔Ready-made templates
✔Various font style to choose
✔Simple user interface
✔Flexible text & background colors
✔Adjustable reading direction & scrolling text speed

🤔Where I can use LED Banner to send messages?
🚙Driving (warn people in freeways)
😍Flirting (ask a girl out)
🕺🏻Disco (impressing others)
🏫School (make fun of friends)
🛬Airport (use it as pickup sign)
💘Dating (confess to your beloved)
🎉Birthday party (celebration)
⛹🏾Live game (support your favorite team)
🎊Wedding (blessings for the bride and groom)

This is a simple and basic tool but provides hours of endless fun, the possibilities of this app is only limited by your imagination and audacity!

We’ve been working hard on developing new features like save & export GIF to the local album, if you like this app, please leave us a comment to help us improve! Thank you!
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