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Leo Mailbox All in One, Email descripción

Leo Mailbox is a secure, fast, smart application that will suit everyone's usage. You can access and see all emails in the same inbox.

Leo Mailbox is designed to easily use all the mail accounts in one place. Besides, it is free.

Key Features:
* Read all emails in one application
* Access all your sent mail in one screen
* Call blocker, spam blocker, and calls blocklist
* Charging animation to power up your screen style
* Check all your inboxes in one mailbox
* Supports all major email provider
* Manage an unlimited number of messages
* All your messages will be sent protected and securely
* Separate all spam messages from important ones
* Support multiple accounts
* Flag, move or label all of them
* Manage your work and personal mails
* Mark or look into unread messages
* Easily delete them by filtering
* Get notified from essential messages
* Send one message through different accounts

Other Great Features:

Call Blocker & Spam Blocker
This call blocker feature has a blocking numbers function for your phone safety. You will have calls black list. Call blocker can easily block calls and messages from unwanted, private, anonymous, or unknown numbers.

No telemarketing spam calls, no unwanted robot calls etc... You and your phone will be safe and secure with a call blocker. Call control in your hand. Block incoming calls from unknown callers and outgoing calls with an advanced call blocking system.

Blocking numbers with private call blocker app. We provide the safest call blocker and call blocker app free for android. The blocking numbers function has both incoming spam calls blocker and outgoing call blocker.

Caller Call Screen
Do you want to have different caller id themes? We are here to present it to you. You can set any themes to your caller id screen. Caller call screen features will grant you unique and best themes. Whenever someone calls you you will get a warning with flash and new cooler call screen themes.

Document Scanner
You want to text an e-mail but you have forgotten to scan the necessary documents. Our app has thought that already. You can scan the document and edit it with our free tools. You will have the best result and an easy conclusion. Now, your problem has been solved.

Edge Lighting
Are you tired of working? We have some tools to decrease your stress and have fun in-office hours. Edge lighting will help you to maximize your fun by just adjusting the RGB colors of your phone. It will enlighten your phone's edge.

Leo Mailbox is not for temporary usage. After you download this application you won’t have to log in from different ones. Our app is going to provide you access to all your emails from one inbox.

Log in all your mail accounts in our app. Read, send, make a draft or categorize your whole mails in one application.

With Leo Mailbox you will send your mail quickly, securely, and fast within seconds. With IMAP service you will have a protected and quick communication system.

Manage your mailbox by labeling or flagging mails. After your work has been completed you will delete unnecessary ones.

Don’t ever be afraid of spam messages. You can check and hide them in the spam folder.
You can get notifications from every important and essential mail. Not for spam ones.

Personal and work emails can be separated from each other and yet can be seen in one application which is Leo Mailbox. Flag, label or categorize each one for the job or for private usage.

Some apps will provide you with 10 minute mail and we intend to have that. But also we want you to have a good mailbox that you can check all your messages. Temp mail will be added to your mailbox in the future.

No longer posting a letter since the mail was founded. Now we need a mailbox that will be used as a postbox. So we developed Leo Mailbox. All in one email platform.

Download and enjoy this beautiful Leo Mailbox All in One, Email application and have a wonderful experience.
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