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The Level Home app supports the next-gen smart locks, Level Bolt & Level Touch

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Level is creating the next generation of smart locks with the Level Bolt, Level Lock, and Level Lock - Touch Edition.

Level Bolt is the first and only invisible smart lock that installs inside your door to make your current lock smart. Get all the benefits of a smart lock while maintaining the design integrity of your home.
Level Lock brings together the groundbreaking engineering of Bolt with a stunning lock design to create the smallest smart lock ever. With Level Lock - Touch Edition, you can come and go effortlessly with the touch of a finger or key cards (NFC).

With the Level app, you can use your phone as a key, automatically lock and unlock your door, share access with people you trust from anywhere, create event passes, and personalize your Level Bolt and Level Lock.

Every Level Bolt and Level Lock (including Touch Edition) works with Alexa and Ring.

To use your lock with Ring, you’ll need an eligible Amazon Sidewalk-enabled device. Once connected, you can control your lock from anywhere in both the Level and Ring apps, lock/unlock with Alexa, and use alongside other Ring devices.
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