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Acerca de estas aplicaciones

LGMV is designed to monitor the status of LGE Air Conditioner products.

LGMV descripción

■ New LGMV version released

New LGMV has been released in order to expand the supported platforms(Android Tablet, iPhone) and provide the same UX/features regardless of the platform.

The existing LGMV lineup will be added sequentially. ( If all lineups are supported, the existing LGMV will end service.)

※ Restrictions: Some Multi V 5 models should use the existing LGMV. (Refer to Supported Models)

■ About LGMV

LGMV is designed to monitor the status of LG Electronics Air Conditioner products which helps engineers diagnose products and interpret refrigeration cycle.

Through this app, engineers will be able to identify the operation status of the product and provide a solution to the problems.

※ Please note that this app is only for air conditioning service engineers and cannot be used by general users.

■ Key function

1. Monitoring viewer: Display key information of air conditioner

2. Graph: Display pressure and frequency information of air conditioner in graph

3. Indoor unit operation control: Controls the operating mode of indoor units when the module is connected to the outdoor unit.

4. Save data: Save received air conditioner information as file

5. Save Black Box and Test Report: Receives Black Box data and Test operation result from product.

6. Troubleshooting guide: Display error number and supports resolution plan for the error number list in PDF document.

7. Additional Function (This feature is available on some models.)

• Test run Info

• Serial number Info

• Operating time Info

• Auto Test Run

■ LGMV Supported Models

- Multi V 5

- Multi V IV

- Multi V S

- Water IV

■ Wi-Fi Module (Sold separately)

Model type : LGMV Wi-Fi Module
Model name : PLGMVW100
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