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Lingory - Learn Korean descripción

Learn Korean(Hanguel/Hangul) with Lingory for free!

You will practice speaking, reading, listening and writing Korean to maintain your long-term language retention.

Lingory contents creators are certified Korean teachers who were teaching Korean for several years abroad.
We are trying to understand the difficulties that each Korean learner has to provide better learning experience.

Lingory’s main goal is making our users be able to have a conversation in Korean. For practical learning to have a conversation, all of our lessons is based on native speaker’s conversations.

You don’t need to prepare anything to start learning with Lingory, we provide basic lessons for beginners such as alphabet lesson.

What you can have while learning with Lingory?

🎯 Daily Learning goal
Our learning content is designed for you to be able to easily set up your daily learning goal, and the app’s notification will keep you motivated by asking you a question about next day learning contents.
🎧 Clear native pronunciation
We hired news caster to provide clear pronunciation.
🇰🇷 2,000 + vocabularies
Check 2,000+ vocabularies and 3,500+ example sentences!
🎬 Video Review
Review what you learnt with Video contents
💯 Comprehensive Review
Test yourself if you remember all you learnt so far
📖 Learning Archive
There must be a moment for you to have hard time to memorize right away while learning. Save Vocabulary/Grammar/Tip information in your personal Archive!

If you like our course, subscribe Lingory Membership to boost your learning performance!
Whether you’re learning Korean for travel, school or TOPIK test, Lingory will be your best partner

If you found a bug or have any feedback for us, Let us know and help us make our service better :)
Email: [email protected]
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