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Liputan6.com Here are the features and improvements in this latest version:

- New look: We've revamped and updated the interface to make it easier for you to access articles faster. Now, navigation is more intuitive and easier.

- Personalization: This new feature allows you to specify your favorite topics that you want to be displayed on the front page. So you can get direct access to the topics you are most interested in.

- Article display: We've updated the article view to make it more convenient and provide a better experience.

- Lighter app: Optimized the app so that it runs faster and more efficiently.

Discover the latest news information on various topics:

Read news on government, politics, corruption, criminal law, and current events from all over Indonesia

Read business news, macro and microeconomics, finance, banking, gold prices, land, stocks, taxes, fintech, entrepreneurship, and currency exchange rates

Read international news about ASEAN, Europe, Conflict, America, Tension, Gaza, Rafah, Palestina, Netanyahu

Read sports news, MotoGP, F1, Marquez, badminton, SEA Games, Asian Games

Read soccer news, fixtures, score predictions, standings, player lists from various leagues in the world such as Liga Indonesia, England, Spain, Italy, Champions, Real Madrid, MU, Arsenal, UEFA, Europa, and other International Leagues.

Read entertainment news, movies, dramas, photos, K-pop, K-Drama, and music from domestic and international sources

Read entertainment news, viral stories of artists, celebrities, and trending gossip in Indonesia

Read health news, from tips, articles, medicines, diseases, healthy foods, diets, parenting, symptoms, and prevention

Read technology news, the latest gadget information, games, applications, the internet, cameras, PCs, product reviews, software, hardware, starlink, and the latest technology tutorials

Read lifestyle news from artists to political figures, career tips, travel guides, zodiac signs, families, the latest fashion, and culinary food menus from various regions

Read automotive news, car and motorcycle modification tips, test drives, product reviews, and automotive technology

Read regional news from Central Java, West Java, East Java, Surabaya, PPDB Jateng, and other areas

Read investment news, stocks, mutual funds, bonds,Prajogo Pangestu, coal, gold, and stock exchanges

Fact Check
Read news about presidential candidate selections, candidate members of the Indonesian House of Representatives, regional legislative councils, governors, and regents that are trending in Indonesia

The latest political news about presidential inauguration, Jokowi, Prabowo, Gibran Rakabuming, Anies
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