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Widget with picture. Relationship day tracker. Been together counter & calendar.

Love descripción

Love - this word is familiar to every person. Sometimes it's just amor любовь and sometimes it's love forever.

In the application you can independently choose the date when love began. By opening the main screen you can immediately see the timer for how many days together, days after meet or days after wedding (days counter). Firstly this is such a relationship day tracker and a love counter. And secondly the ability to understand compatibility based on the period of how long we have been together and shared experience, that is what important events have remained in the love story and are still ahead.

In addition to the main part of the application there is also a love widget that can be customized for every taste - choose a text color, show how many days together or not display. But most importantly you can change the avatar of your loved one every day by simply clicking on the icon or select a photo of your loved one on the widget. This will set the mood and give strength to build communication in your couple and create close relationships.

In love everything is simple - the more important events you go through together the more compatibility there will be for building long-term relationships.

Sending a postcard is one of the ways not only to remind yourself, but also to place thoughts about you in the soul of your person. Let each postcard be unique just like as many hearts as we have together and send a love note to your person.

The love calendar is a special place on the phone where you can store only what is related to your love (anniversary). Everyone knows that it is very important to have a separate place for an important part of life. Love alarm - for each event notifications are automatically set - a week before, twice the day before (at noon and in the evening at 9 o'clock), and on the day of an important event.

✔ Beautiful love widget with photo or picture
✔ Animated relationship timer and counter
✔ Editable postcard to send to your loved one
✔ Love calendar with adding event dates
✔ Automatic event notifications
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