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BOOYAH! is a universal app for short gaming clips, livestream and highlights!

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BOOYAH! descripción

BOOYAH! offers enjoyable short gaming videos generated by its' users. With our app you are able to livestream to major streaming platforms. It can also help to automatically capture your precious gaming moments, for you to share with your friends and community! Experience the games you love like never before, and connect with your friends through gaming.

Top features of BOOYAH!:

- Short gaming videos (clips). Swipe down to see exciting game moments shared by our community! Upload your own clip and share fun with viewers from all over the world!

- Livestream to major streaming platforms (Facebook, YouTube). You can restream your favourite game and chat with your viewers from all platforms simultaneously, without any fee or membership!

- Highlights. After your livestream ends, our app will generate highlight with key moments where you experience intense fight, adventure and emotions!

Share your proudest game moments with your friends on social networks with a touch.
Play and record your games at the same time, you are just moments away from becoming the next gaming star!

Be a part of the latest innovation in sharing your gameplay! Be it godlike moments, epic comebacks, or funny fails, BOOYAH! helps you capture them all!
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