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Map Area & Distance Calculator descripción

Mapulator is a powerful mapping and measuring tool that allows you to easily calculate map area and distance on both devices. With just a few taps, you can survey and calculate the area of any land, farm, or property on a map.

Whether you need to measure the size of a backyard, calculate the acreage of a Field or farm, or measure distance for trekking, hiking, walking, cycling, running, or any other activity, Mapulator provides accurate measurements. The app also includes an Area Calculation for Irregular Shapes, enabling land surveyors to calculate the area of any irregularly shaped land with precision using a GPS location or by drawing lines on a map.

Mapulator provides a reliable and accurate way to measure distance and area on a map for geography research, land surveying, and GIS specialists. It supports various area and distance measurement units and mapping tools, including latitude, longitude, and GPS live, which can be easily switched between based on your preference. The app seamlessly integrates with different mapping services, providing flexibility and convenience.

Mapulator is completely free to download and use, and with a subscription, you can access even more tools and features. The app is perfect for anyone who needs to measure distances or areas on a map, including real estate professionals, farmers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Features and Tools:
• Measure using Tap, Circle, or drawing options.
• Pick stroke and fill colors.
• Get accurate measurements.
• Select different metric units.
• GPS Live drawing: Calculate as you draw.
• Choose from multiple map types.
• Search for locations using addresses, zip codes, or cities.
• Undo/Redo functionality.
• Share your measurements as KML files with friends.
• Share your projects via link.

Who uses Mapulator?
• Farmers and agronomists for measuring farmland
• Town and city planners for urban planning
• Construction engineers for measuring construction sites
• Landscape surveyors for land surveying
• Fencing contractors for measuring farm and border fencing
• Sports enthusiasts for measuring track distances
• GIS, ArcGIS, and ArcMap users for map measurement
• Roofing planners for measuring roof sizes
• Trekkers and hikers for planning routes
• Civil engineers for measuring roads and structures
• Indie pilots for measuring aerial routes
• Paddock owners for calculating paddock size and area

Why Choose Mapulator?
• Over a million satisfied users
• Quick and accurate measurements
• High-performance capabilities
• Easy-to-use interface
• Reliable customer support

Whether you need to measure the area of a new property or plan a hiking trip, Mapulator is the perfect tool for the job. Download Mapulator today and start measuring!

If you have any feedback or ideas to help us build the Mapulator - Area Calculator application, please contact us at https://mapulator.app/contact-us/. Your support will help us improve the application.

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