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We make money safe and fun

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Mazoola is a super app that gives parents digital superpowers to help navigate their child’s path to earning, learning, and developing essential money management skills. As the only COPPA* certified mobile family wallet, Mazoola’s walled garden offers parent’s much needed reassurance that their children can build life-lasting skills in a safe and secure environment. Mazoola anonymizes a child’s identity to ensure privacy while shopping with their favorite retailers online or in-store from their mobile device.

As a Parent I Can:
• Create child virtual debit cards and store them on a mobile device
• Create automatic allowance amounts
• Assign & track chores and the rewards for completing them
• Approve retailers, shopping categories, and spend limits
• Authorize, manage and monitor purchases from the parental dashboard
• Develop a lesson plan to teach children about setting goals, budgeting, and savings

As a Child I can:
• Use Apple Pay (users over 13)
• See my balance
• Set specific savings goals
• Manage my chores
• Shop online & in-store at my favorite retailers
• Make P2P payments to family and friends

Child Online Privacy & Security (COPPA & GDPR Compliant)
• Earn, learn and spend money with favorite retailers
• Set and track savings goals
• Track chores and the rewards for completing them
• Send money to a friend
• Securely and privately shop anywhere (online or in-store)
• Add debit card to Google Pay Wallets
• Track detailed spending with real-time transaction history

Child Online Privacy & Security (COPPA & GDPR Compliant)
• Bank-grade encryption & authentication
• Never store social security numbers or banking information
• Highly secure data management & strict data privacy; we never sell your data
• No hidden fees & no overdrafts mean no unwelcome surprises
• Accounts are FDIC insured through our partner Evolve Bank & Trust, member FDIC

Going digital is the new norm and so is digital marketing. Cookie placement, location-based advertising, behavioral targeting, and other clever marketing tactics regularly put children’s privacy at risk and violate the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). New banking solutions aimed at children and families have appeared - none have adequately addressed COPPA or privacy concerns.

Founded in 2008, Mazoola was built from the ground up - built by parents concerned about exposure of unregulated marketing, concerned that their child’s personal information would fall into the wrong hands. The Mazoola mission is simple: give kids the power of a mobile wallet, teach them about money management but power the solution with privacy to ensure they always remain safe. Because a child’s privacy matters.

*Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act:
U.S. federal law designed to prohibit the collection and use of personal information about children by the operators of Internet services and Web sites. Passed by the U.S. Congress in 1998, the law took effect in April 2000. It is administered and enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
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