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Meet, hookup today! - Matchy descripción

In Matchy you can match with people by purpose.

Have you ever asked for a date but your counterpart just wanted to chat online? Or you just wanna a casual relationship but he/she have been seeking for long term? These embarrassed situations are not existing in Matchy, because you two can only match if you have the same social purpose.

Making friends, grabbing some food, cafe, dating, love story, short or long term, playing game together, hookup, even just chat or video chat, all kinds of relationship are possible here. You can find your best match with the same interest and purpose as yours.

How to do that exact matching? It's super easy! When you see a person who you are interested in, just select a purpose and send, if he/she has the same purpose as you do, then voila! You match successfully and perfectly!

Or if you are a little shy and not so active, you can always see who are interested in you and by what purpose before you send your request. You will like this smooth process to build new relationship!
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