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Mercedes me media is the digital access to your media events of Mercedes-Benz.

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The Mercedes me media app provides exclusive access for US media representatives to stay up to date and informed before, during and after Mercedes-Benz-sponsored events.
Before a media event:
- Manage your invitations to Mercedes-Benz media events right from your smartphone
- Access your personalized agenda and conveniently save dates in your calendar
- Get advance notice of event programming and content
- Receive all of the latest news from Mercedes-Benz first-hand through a news and social feed
During a media event:
- A real-time agenda gives you insight into your event schedule and ensures you know the ‘who, what, when & where’ of every session
- Access to press materials, images and technical data has never been easier - and can conveniently be shared and downloaded through the app
- Consider the Mercedes me media app as your personal point of contact with Mercedes-Benz. See what experts will be available for commentary, and get in direct contact with us with the Mercedes-Benz team at the touch of a button
After a media event:
- Access everything you need for your reporting in one place - even after you've already flown back home
- Saved content remains available via your Mercedes me media account and is globally accessible on all of your devices
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