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MiniRobot is an intelligent mobile phone application control software developed for Mini intelligent balance vehicle products,It enables your balance car with the phone seamlessly,Open mobile control of the new era of entertainment,It have “Analog remote control”“Remote control walking”“Parameter setting”Other functions。
Guangzhou Lebi Computer Co., Ltd. is a technology company dedicated to creating smart, sports, leisure and entertainment products. Minrobot is an electric balance car developed and designed by Lebi Technology. It is an intelligent robot that combines Internet thinking and robotics technology. "Minirobot" uses advanced gyro self-balancing technology to control the robot's forward and backward movement through the front and back of the human's center of gravity, and control the steering through the left and right swing of the joystick. It is also equipped with wifi, Bluetooth interface, and GPS. It can connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere, and personal travel. Into the era of intelligence.
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