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Lucky Block Race Mod for Minecraft is an exciting map that will allow you to compete with your friends. In the new cool addition, you need to run forward and break the yellow lucky blocks, from which various mini-games will fall out. With these items you can level up, get weapons or food. The app is suitable for boys, girls and kids! Hurry up and embark on an incredible virtual world adventure!
The mechanics of the game are very simple. Several players are placed at the start position of the race. Each player moves along the line of his color, destroying or breaking all the blocks in his path. The winner is the one who can reach the finish line first by breaking all the blocks. If you do not break a single Lucky block, then you will be considered disqualified. But the video game also prepared some tests for you. If you break a successful block, then by chance an enemy may appear who will attack you. So be careful and always stay alert! The creator has done everything so that nothing distracts you from the games: an intuitive interface and a convenient menu, as well as everything is done in good HD quality! You will forget about classic video games!
For a variety of games, skins are available to you. The new look will be even cooler to play! You can change the appearance of the character by choosing the most successful image for yourself. VR has no limits! Addons are also available to you, thanks to you you will increase your chances of success. And also do not forget, you can make the graphics more realistic - texture packs are available to you. You will definitely not get bored! Watch educational videos of famous youtubers, in which they share secrets and life hacks for victory.
Lucky Block Race Mod for Minecraft DISCLAIMER: NOT AN OFFICIAL PRODUCT. NOT APPROVED OR ASSOCIATED WITH MOJANG. All rights reserved. All files available for use in this application, use a free distribution license. We do not claim copyright or intellectual property in any way. According to http://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelines

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