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Music player (Mp3 player), Audio equalizer, Lyric searcher

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Music player (Mp3 player) is the best multimedia app for listening to music on the Android operating system.
Music player with fashionable interface, many powerful and fast features. You can listen to all your favorite songs. Best MP3 Player app for Android operating system with many outstanding features, beautiful and easy-to-use interface for user.

The app combines a Sound Equalizer and a Bass-Booster to give you a new feeling as well as a powerfulness in your music experience.

Music player - Mp3 player helps you manage the music tracks in your device easily with a smart quick song searcher. The app uses only a little device memory but can bring you a smooth, useful and wonderful experience with music. This is an indispensable application in your Android device.

Outstanding features of Music player - Mp3 player:
1. The app can play all audio formats on the device such as mp3, m4a, wav, flac, etc.
2. Play music with lyrics - search for lyrics online and display the lyrics on the music playback screen.
3. A music player with full features such as play, pause, next, previous song, add to favorites, repeat, shuffle.
4. Show all the songs in your device, displayed by such filters as Albums, Artists, Folders, Playlists, All songs.
5. Search for songs quickly and accurately.
6. Preview the song’s lyrics and find the exact lyrics for the song currently being played.
7. The Sound Equalizer is applied with 10 available melodies such as Normal, Clasical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy metal, Hiphop, Jazz, Pop, and Rock.
8. The sound effects are enhanced with 3D Sound Effects and Bass-Booster
9. Filter songs by length from 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or 90 seconds.
10. Set any song you like as device’s ringtone from MP3 player - music cutting is supported to set as your device’s ringtone.
11. Play music directly from folders in your device.
12. Add songs to queue, pending, next track easily.
13. Hide albums, folders, or artists, etc.
14. Pin any Folder, Album, Artist to make them always on top.
15. Smart music automatic turn off timer.
16. Supports multi-language.
17. Support operations by headset, for example, you can press the button on the headset to Play, Pause, Next, Previous.

Music Player can fulfill all your musical needs and bring you new fresh music experiences.
Download Music Player - Mp3 Player now to give your Android device a powerful, easy to use audio player giving users great experiences.
We are working hard to give the users a great app. Please enjoy and give us your review.
Any comment/ suggestions about Music Player - Mp3 Player, please feel free to contact us by email: [email protected]
We appreciate your support. Please download and try it out.
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