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MyWoundHealing™ App will allow you to track wound healing and order supplies.

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The MyWoundHealing™ App provides patients with a proactive resource to better engage in their wound care. MyWoundHealing™ App was designed specifically to support patients throughout your wound healing journey. The MyWoundHealing™ Mobile App features include the ability to track your wound healing and therapy progress, ordering supplies and learning helpful wellness tips.

The app will provide you with:

• Daily task reminders break at-home care into manageable action items
• My Healing Tracking helps you monitor progress over time
• Seamless and personalized supply reorder directly in the app saves valuable time
• On-demand access to educational articles and videos
• 24/7 customer support to help answer pressing questions

Key features of the app include:

• My Healing Tracking: Take a photo of your wound and over time, we’ll show you a side by side comparison of how you’re doing.
• My V.A.C.® Therapy History: View your V.A.C.® Therapy usage. Check your progress over the last six days and see the whole usage history.
• Order Supplies: Easily order the supplies you need prescribed by your treating prescriber. You can track your order status as well.
• My Wound Healing Journey: Learn how to get the most out of your device, wound care, dietary tips, and more.

Learn more about MyWoundHealing™ App at: https://www.mywoundhealing.com/
If you have questions about wound care, please contact your healthcare professional. If you have questions about V.A.C.® Therapy or would like additional information on this application, please contact KCI at 1-800-275-4524.

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