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Beauty salon. Play the Nail Salon

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Girls love playing games, but most of all they like playing with a doll's house or a beauty salon game. They like making hairstyles, pedicure, painting nails and dress their dolls. And our new game is made just for these little sharp dressers. We are presenting you our new game from the series of educational games for children: Nail Salon.
It is time to become a professional in a world of design and fashion! Show your friends and relatives that your beauty studio is the
best in the world. And you are the most talented manicure master! Our manicure salon is giving you such an opportunity. Involve all
your imagination and start creating! Paint and cut nails. Shape them. In the game there are various forms of nails of any length.
Combine colors, experiment with rhinestones. Glue fashionable stickers on nails and create beautiful patterns on them.
Try to paint nails with different colors and use different patterns to make them interesting and unique. It's funny! Use the best
inventory that exists in advanced cosmetology. The color scale is large. Feel yourself real and good at what you do. Get success using your imagination. Create your own ideal children's manicure!

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