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The Next Recovery App helps you on your journey of long-term sobriety.

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A tool in your ongoing journey of recovery. Track your progress, get rewards, and invite accountability partners to help you stay on the right path. A tool that's always with you on your phone. We built this app to provide a tool to track sobriety and how you feel each day, and every step big or small is a step to a life of sobriety and success.

Features of the app include:

Daily Check-ins
Keep track of your daily mood and sobriety. Automatically notify your accountability partner.

Progress Tracking
Chart your daily progress and sobriety while earning rewards in the app.

Connect with others who are there for you and can track your daily progress in the Next Accountability app.

NextGoal Builder
Set one goal that you want to accomplish next. Get rewards for creating and accomplishing goals.

Journal Entries
Use the in-app journal to record the highs and lows of each day with the ability to look back.

Stay in touch with your accountability partner. Send messages and automatic status updates.

This app was created by the Gene Duffy Foundation. The purpose of the Gene Duffy Foundation is to provide tools and resources that help with substance abuse prevention as well as early intervention. The foundation also promotes education and research about drug and alcohol addiction and provides assistance for the treatment of these addictions. The vision is to provide initiatives that can prevent alcoholism and substance abuse issues while providing greater access to high quality, effective treatment for people already in the grips of alcoholism and/or substance abuse. Learn more at DuffyFoundation.org.
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