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However you feel, move to your beat and we'll reward you for each achievement.

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On good days and bad days, movement is a way to feel better (“it’s science…” - Jesse Pinkman). Our app matches your mood with movement challenges and rewards you for each achievement. No matter what’s going on at home, work, or that Whatsapp group chat you can’t leave, we’re here to move with you.

Feel good? Great! Walk 10k steps a day or go for a 7km run to plant a tree in the rainforest. Feeling a bit lazy? No worries! Start slow with a gentle walk and reward yourself with an exclusive offer from one of your favourite brands, including adidas, Deliveroo, Shell, and lots more.

People underestimate the impact each step can have on their mood - that’s why we reward you for doing it. Emotion in motion - get started today.

Here's how it works:
Step 1 - Select your mood to see running or walking challenges suited to your energy level, to achieve rewards suiting your mood.

Step 2 - Browse through your selection of challenges, and start the one that's right for you!

Step 3 - Move, feel good, repeat! Steps are counted via your phone or smartwatch wherever you go. Reach the step-count before time runs out to beat the challenge and get the reward!

Step 4 - Congrats, you did it! You've won the reward and unlocked new challenges linked to new rewards...

Step 5 - Redeem your prize via promotional code, QR code, or get it directly in the app. For sustainability challenges, your contribution will be made on your behalf automatically and you can watch the progress as a community! Enjoy your reward, you deserve it 😊

No pressure, but we would love to see you join the movement to walk a bit more, feel a bit better each day, and reward yourself for these positive choices. Emotion in motion - get the app to join the movement.
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