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First social network for sellers, service providers and customers

Olympus descripción

Get all the products and services you need in a single business ecosystem. Olympus is the solution to create a sales catalog that allows you to show your offers in services to the public in your area.

Never before have you had the opportunity to buy online in such a simple and practical way. The business dynamics have changed, and you must evolve at the same rate. That is why we offer you the most versatile and dynamic app so that you can manage your marketplace as a buyer or merchant and obtain multiple benefits.

What is Olympus APP?

It is a downloadable application where people interested in obtaining products and services can access them in a more comfortable way. Our app allows the integration of profiles of businesses or service providers with the users who need them.

Through a geolocation system, the common user will be able to find what he is looking for in his geographical area. In addition, you have the possibility of making an easy purchase and obtaining the best offers.

The shopping offers in online stores are in fashion, and they are online promotions that no one resists taking advantage of. Therefore, Olympus becomes the best alternative for a whole social shopping ecosystem.

How to use Olympus APP?

It's as simple as downloading the application and starting to build your profile. You can follow businesses that have configured their digital catalog or their sales catalog in a

Our digital store App will allow you to create a free and unrestricted market for the purchase and sale of goods and services. As a merchant you can upload your photos and keep your gallery of products and prices fully updated.

If you are an investor you can buy wholesale and place orders now without any delay.

Olympus for buyers and users

If you want to find goods and services available in your city, Olympus is undoubtedly your best ally. The best online store purchase offers of the moment are waiting for you and our app will tell you where to find them.

You will have access to low prices and to complete your business or transaction online safely in a few steps. Olympus is not a sales app, but it does keep you connected to the best opportunities near your work, home, or frequent places.

Olympus for merchants and service providers

Do you have a physical store and want to turn it into an online store in just a few steps? The time has come for your business evolution. It is an app for doctors, dentists, barbers, and any professional who wants to schedule their appointment.

You have the opportunity to easily configure your catalog of clothing or products that you want to incorporate and show to your audience. Multiply your sales just by installing and launching our app. Enter the new ecosystem of products and services that guarantees success.

Free advertising and sales catalog

It is possible to configure short ads that will be shown to the audience that follows you or those closest to your geographical location. This is how you have the possibility of obtaining timely visibility on a target audience that will become your potential clientele.

Getting more customers without spending has never been easier than with the Olympus app. Download and configure our app in simple steps and get ready to multiply your earnings upwards.
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