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The PARiM mobile app includes key features of our workforce management software.

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PARiM Workforce Software descripción

PARiM is a complete workforce management software package for scheduling employees, handling rosters, managing absences and holidays, authorizing work hours and keeping an eye on the payroll situation. All in real time, online and without a need for a fixed workstation.

PARiM delivers a comprehensive workforce management solution with full modular functionality and intuitive easy to use drag-and-drop user interface that can easily grow with every company’s needs.

- reduce time and cost of managing your staff;
- reduce phone calls from the staff and confusion with scheduling;
- easily assign schedules, shift patterns to a group or specific employees;
- monitor absences, holidays and leaves;
- manage payroll;
- unlimited administrator accounts;
- unlimited employees;
- track shift expenses;
- manage staff details, certificates, visas, documents;
- check reports;
- check available assets;
- manage events;

- access schedule 24/7 from a smartphone;
- apply for free shifts, accept/cancel shifts;
- switch shifts with other employees;
- receive notifications for all relevant shifts and necessary information;
- clock in/out via smartphone;


PARiM makes the life for employees efficient and effective. With the mobile app staff has 24/7 access to their schedules, tasks, locations and have a possibility to arrange their own schedules, fill in empty shifts and switch shifts with others. With all assigned shifts and tasks automated e-mail and text messages make sure everyone involved are notified and aware of their responsibilities. Eliminate unnecessary phone calls about shift switching and let your staff manage their own schedules.

Remote employees can effortlessly clock in/out with their mobile device using a built in gps-tracker. Employees can easily check their schedules, absences and holiday leaves.


Managers can create new schedules, assign tasks, create custom shift patterns, manage leaves and holidays. Creating a new schedule and assign it to specific employees is a breeze with PARiM. Drag and drop necessary schedules to your staff, delegate tasks and have a quick overview of which of the staff is available.

Automated notifications are sent to all relevant participants to avoid communication errors. No need to hustle with cumbersome Excel sheets, have accidental double shifts and confusion with communication. Reduce staff calls, management time and frustration!


PARiM simplifies the way management monitors absences and leaves. The system offers fully customizable absence settings as well as allows the company to set holiday allowances and leaves per individual.

The PARiM mobile app incorporates the key features and tools of the staff access portal to allow employee access from anywhere and anytime.


Ideal software for all companies using temporary staff, including cleaning, security, retail, hospitality companies and organisers of big sport events.

Modular software architecture allows each company to use the features necessary to them and gives a possibility to grow with the software as necessary modules can be added with new requirements.

Pricing: all pricing is per shift hours used. Pay for just what you need! Fully functional 14 free trial when you sign up on parim.co website.


- clocking in and out of shifts;
- a complete schedule overview;
- a list of all open shifts and the option to apply to them;
- accepting/rejecting shift requests;
- canceling shifts;
- approving time sheets.
- view the profiles of your staff and subcontractors.

To use the app, you have to be a registered user of PARiM workforce management software that you can find at http://parim.co
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