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Connect with your outdoor community.

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Pastimes is the best app for outdoor connection.

80+ Pastimes, one community.
With 80+ different activities and a rapidly growing community, Pastimes makes it easy to safely find outdoor partners, events, and gear near you.

Easily connect with your local community.
The connect screen helps you find new outdoor buddies based on your outdoor interests and location. You can filter or search for connections. Whether you’re new to a city or new to an activity, an instant connection is only a message away.

Discover others who are also available.
Post your availability for an activity and get notified when others are also available. You can also browse who is available in your area and send anyone a message letting them know you are up for getting out with them.

Discover and organize community events.
Browse local events for the activities you love. Plan and organize your own events with your friends or local community to discover. Attend upcoming events and meet new friends who share your favorite activities.

Buy, sell and trade gear.
Find quality and affordable gear or a new loving home for your extra gear. Connect with the Pastimes community to get all your gear needs.

Meet new adventure buddies and feel safe with robust profiles.
From outdoors-focused profiles with skill level and detailed information to the ability to be only visible to your own gender, Pastimes has features to help you build trust and feel comfortable before meeting new outdoor friends.
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