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Whether you want to run a mile, 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon, couch to 5k, OR you are just running for weight loss, your personal Running Trainer is with you every step of the way! Detailed training plan and audio instructions coach you through each workout to your goal distance & give real-time updates on your time, distance & pace. Each workout is different - workout plans range from 4-16 weeks with 3-4 workouts per week. Looking for a great running app? You found it!




✔️ Professionally designed workout plan: 1 Mile, 5K, 10K, Half Marathon & Marathon training plan
✔️ Run without coaching; Use the distance tracker feature, and also track time & pace
✔️ Running for weight loss
✔️ Create your running playlist by adding tracks from your device
✔️ Audio coach voices over your workout music while you run

✔️ Unique interval plans of running, walking and sprint intervals for maximum calorie burning.
✔️ Detailed audio instructions for every training;
✔️ Voice encouragements and stats updates during your run;

DETAILED RUNNING LOG: Keep record of every workout and track your overall progress.
✔️ Monitor your distance, time, pace and calories, with distance tracker feature
✔️ GPS map of every workout
✔️ Indoor mode: works great on a treadmill
✔️ Accurate calorie counter
✔️ Manual editing of logs

RUNNING MUSIC: Listen to workout music while you run:
✔️ Easily control your playlist within the app
✔️ Share your running stats and routes with friends on Facebook

🏃About the workout plans in Running Trainer🏃

Just Run:
Choose this option to run without coaching; just use run tracker & map your route, your time, distance, pace, calories, etc.. Great for maintaining your fitness, running for weight loss or as a run tracker and running log.

4 Weeks to 1 Mile Training Program:
Designed for the beginner runner, this program starts out slow, mostly walking, and gradually increases the intensity until you’re running 1 mile without any breaks. Great program in your plan to start running for weight loss. Each week consists of 3 days of training, each with a warm-up & cool-down period for a total of 20 minutes each day.

8 Weeks to 5K Run Training Program:
Easier and more effective than other 5K or couch to 5k programs you'll find, this program consists of running and walking intervals that gradually increase in intensity until you’re running 5km without any breaks by the end of the program. There are 3 training days per week, each lasting 30-40 minutes.

8 Weeks to 10K Training Program:
This 8 week program consists of interval workouts, tempo runs and long runs. There are 4 training days per week ranging in length from 30 to 70 minutes. It is designed for runners who can already run 3 miles (couch to 5k run).

10 Weeks to Half Marathon Training Plan:
This program is designed for runners already capable of running 3-6 miles and who are ready to move on to longer distances. Three workout days per week develop your speed, endurance and pace so half marathon training plan will have you running the distance comfortably in just 10 weeks.

16 Weeks to Marathon Training Plan:
This 16 week program consists of 3-4 training days per week and is designed for runners already capable of running 6-10 miles. Some workouts focus on speed, others endurance, others pace, and have the cumulative effect of preparing you to run 26.2 miles by the end of the program.

Ready to love running? Ready to have a new favorite app? Running Trainer is the most complete running app available, with distance tracker, audio coach, running log, workout plan, calorie counter, and many other valuable features. Download this running app FOR FREE now to get started or visit runningtrainer.com to learn more!
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