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Sharing platform for sports- and outdoor games

Piffl descripción

A sharing platform for sports and leisure activities

Through Piffl’s sharing platform, you can access sports and outdoor games in public activity areas. Piffl simplifies spontaneous activity and gives you the possibility to try new activities sustainably.

So instead of buying a basketball, share one directly in the city's outdoor environment!

Download the app and begin to piffl!

How it works

1. Open the app and find your nearest Pifflbox on the map.
2. Choose from the various activities available in the box.
3. On your mark, get set, piffl!
4. When you’re done, return the equipment to the same compartment.

Why Piffl?

Owning equipment for every imaginable activity is both expensive and impractical. Through Piffl’s sharing platform, everyone, regardless of background and conditions has access to a wide range of activities, without having to own or buy the equipment.


Our goal is for everyone to be able to rent equipment from Piffl! The price always includes a small entry fee and an ongoing rent during the time you use the equipment. Today the price may vary between different cities. To see exact costs, select a box and activity in the app!

Where can you find Piffl?

Piffl is available in several cities and new boxes are added continuously around Sweden! Piffl is currently available in 25 cities. Download the app to find your nearest box!
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