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Insurance in a SNAP!
Aim 🤳. Snap 📸. Insure 🙌.

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You name it, we insure it - Phones, cameras, laptops, bicycles, golf clubs, jewellery, headphones, instruments, music equipment, gaming consoles, surf boards, skateboards, drones, sneakers, microwaves, glasses, and more.

*NEW* Introducing Pineapple car insurance - affordable comprehensive cover for your ride!!!! Let’s see if we can save you some cash AND help you earn some rewards!! How?

1. Download the app ⬇️
2. Snap 🤳
3. Tap👇
4. Roll 😎🚙💨

Free 24h emergency roadside assistance for when you REALLY need it! Can’t drive? No petrol? No keys? Flat Tyre? Dead battery? Don’t worry, we’ve got you!


• First Insurtech accepted into Google’s accelerator, globally

• Insurance from as little as R1.00 p/m

• Comprehensive cover through our app in 60 secs or less

• Comprehensive cover includes theft, screen damage, pickpocketing, water damage, etc.

• Pineapple Rewards - the first insurance brand to reward users for “being social” in-app

• Ranked #2 in insurance on Hello Peter


It is so easy peasy, Pineapple squeezy!

👼 Fair: At Pineapple, we take a flat, fixed fee - All rejected claims go straight back into the Pineapple community, not our pockets. This means that we have no reason to deny a claim unless it’s fraudulent or will harm the Pineapple community.

👓Transparent: The remaining amount (70% of your premiums) goes towards your profit share. The transparent network allows our Pineapplers to see all the members in their circle and what percentage of their premium contributed towards certain claims - ensuring that you know what is happening at all times.

💸Cash Back: After 12 months, if there is money left over, we will give it back to you! Redeemable through cash or the equivalent in vouchers of your choice. In order for your pay-out to be accurate, our system requires two months for the data to settle, ensuring you get back the right amount.

🏆Rewards: Good social behavior should not go without recognition or reward. The more you connect with trusted peers on the app, the larger your network will grow. The larger your Pineapple network, the greater your Pineapple profit share. With Pineapple Rewards, we will give you the tools to “insurance” better, rewarding you every step of the way - think Takealot, Uber, Uber Eats, Superbalist, Sorbet and more. Why? Because we care!

🛠First-class service: Pineapple is powered by AI, with a touch of humanity. Our exceptional, real-time customer service ensures that you are protected at all times and that all claims are settled in an instant. Our chat interface means no phone calls and no paperwork. Simply just ask a question and move on with your life.


• facebook.com/pineapple
• instagram.com/pineapple_sa
• twitter.com/Pineapple_SA
• https://www.pineapple.co.za/


👉 Policies are underwritten by Compass Insurance Company Limited, a short-term insurance company and financial services provider. FSP number 12148
👉 From 1 August 2020 Policies are underwritten by Old Mutual Insure is a registered Short-Term Insurance Company and Financial Services Provider, FSP number FSP 12
Pineapple is a registered FSP 48650
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