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Pixta Photo Editor, Collage descripción

If you’re looking for editing apps to edit photos, create pic collages, erase background, reshape the body and look pretty on pictures, cartoon yourself, and more… This is the app for you!

📷 Photo Editor
- Powerful image editor to edit photos
- Makes photo editing easy and quick
- All the amazing beauty filters for selfies and landscapes
- This picture editor contains tons of the features of the free photo editing apps
- No need to have all the different editing apps for pictures: one photo edit is enough

👀 Cartoon / Anime Photo Editor
- Toon app to help you cartoon yourself
- Tons of cartoon filter and anime filters
- Turn photo to cartoon in one touch, quick and easy cartoon app
- Amazing photo cartoons
- Cartoon eye effects
- Cartoon filter, anime filter, and more

🖼️ Collage Maker
- Collage made easy with all kinds of grid and layout
- Photo grid to fit your photo collage ideas
- Layout photos with styles and colors for the most trending pic collage
- Free collage maker
- Easy to use for the most practical picture collage

✨ Background Eraser / Changer
- Easy png maker to erase background from photos
- Remove background: Just 1 touch for a perfect transparent background
- Erase background with photo eraser in auto or manual ways
- Background remover can be also used as a background editor, replace with different photo

💃 Body Editor
- Reshape your body with this simple body shape editor
- This body editor is easy to use, photoshop body in an easy way
- Body app to make you look slim, tall, and pretty

💄 Makeup Editor
- Apply makeup filter to your photos
- Great makeup app
- Makeup cam to take pretty selfie easily
- Beauty editor turns your face into a fresh and natural look
- Try different makeup trends with the make up photo editor

Photo editing is made simple and quick with this powerful picture editor. For selfies and landscapes, there are a plethora of fantastic beauty filters.

Pixta Photo Editor, Collage includes a lot of the capabilities found in free photo editing apps.There's no need to have many photo editing apps: It only takes one photo edit.

Collage made simple with a variety of grid and layout options. To fit your photo collage ideas, create a photo grid.

Layout photos in various styles and colors for the most popular photo collage. For the most practical picture collage, use this free collage maker.

To remove background from photos, use this simple PNG maker. Remove background: Only one touch and you'll have a perfectly transparent background.

Erase background with a photo eraser, either automatically or manually. Also, Background remover can be used as a background editor as well, replacing one photo with another.

Use Pixta Photo Editor, Collage app for simple body shape editor to reshape your body. This body editor is simple to use, allowing you to easily photoshop the body with no hassle.

Pixta Photo Editor, Collage app will make you look slim, tall, and beautiful.

With lots of cartoon and anime filters, this toon app can help you cartoon yourself. Transform a photo into a cartoon with one tap. It’s a simple cartoon app.

With this makeup app, you can add a beauty filter to your images. To snap a gorgeous selfie, use a makeup cam.

Your face is transformed into a beautiful, fresh, and natural look by a beauty editor. With the make-up photo editor, you can experiment with different makeup styles.

Download Pixta Photo Editor, Collage App now, and enjoy your photo editing!
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