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Private Browser enables you to have a private and anonymous web experience. The incognito mode ensures your browsing history is not recorded.These features make Private Browser one of the best private browser options available for Android:✔ Private BrowsingPrivate and anonymous browsing by default. No need to switch on a separate incognito tab. In Private Browser, an incognito window opens from the start. Thanks to an incognito mode, all the browsing history, search history, and cookies won’t be saved in the Private Browser.✔Junk cleaningEnjoy the benefit of efficient junk cleaning as a member of our app.✔Process manageTake advantage of streamlined process management. Easily monitor and manage all running apps, and stop any unnecessary processes.✔Battery checkUtilize our battery check feature to maximize your understanding of your device's battery. Easily check your device's battery status and gain a more comprehensive understanding of your battery's parameters. We also provide suggestions to help you save power and protect your battery.✔Safe & Secure BrowsingSecure browsing. Private Browser blocks tracking so you can be sure no websites or advertisers track your online activities.Install the best Private Browser and start surfing incognito!
★ Android Browser ★ Private ★ Anonymous ★ Incognito The safe & incognito browser protects ALL Private Data! If you like the private browser, please give us a 5-star rating!
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