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PRONOTE A complete work environment for the management of student administration

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PRONOTE incorporates all domains of academia: grades, competences, report cards, scheduling, attendance, tardiness, sanctions, orientation, homework notebooks, exercises, multiple choice questions, school agenda, infirmary, learning outcomes, multi-annual monitoring, student files, grade school certificate, internships, school road safety certificate…

From their smartphones, Students, Parents and Teachers access their data in real time, in a secure environment, wherever they are.
The students always know where they stand, the parents are reassured, the teachers have a broader prospective of their students.
PRONOTE mobile is also contextual messaging that links all the actors of the institution: every event is announced by a notification (message, information and surveys, digital locker, etc.) for everyone’s benefit.

Today, PRONOTE has become the reference in student administration: thousands of institutions use this platform to communicate and millions of users consult their Web Space every day.
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