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QLM is transforming the way medical insurance is being delivered.

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As a prominent milestone of excellence, QLM which is one of the leading life and medical insurers in the middle east has launched one-of-a-kind mobile app. It is a unique new way of how you interact with your medical Insurance requirements. It takes your experience with insurance services to a different level and beyond customary borders.

Developed by a team of insurance professionals and experienced developers, QLM app will grant you an access to a bouquet of innovative services in which you can easily submit and track your claims, order medications, set up reminders for medicine administration, create your own health records, voice or text complains to QLM team and many other rich interactions. Using your GPS function, no matter where you are, QLM will guide you to locate the nearest direct billing providers with all their contact details. Experience the easy way to interact with your insurer!
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