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Organize your projects and enjoy finishing more quilts!

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Quiltful descripción

The Quiltful app helps you organize your quilting projects, so you can have more fun sewing!
Many quilters have multiple projects in the works simultaneously. Keeping track of all these projects can be an overwhelming challenge that steals from the fun of quilting.

New Premium Features:

1. Added ability to FILTER projects by:
- Project Type,
- Status, and
- Priority.
2. Added 4 date fields:
- Date project entered into the app.
- Date project started
- Date project needed
- Date project completed
3. Added ability to SORT projects by:
- Status,
- Priority,
- Alphabetical,
- Date Entered,
- Date Started,
- Date Needed, or
- Date Completed.
4. Added “Notes” field.
5. Added “Created For” field.
6. Added ability to upload 5 photos at a time.
7.Added ability to upload 5 photos at a time.

New Features for Free and Premium Accounts

1. Edit and Delete links are easier to see.
2. If all 12 Steps are “Completed”, then project Status automatically changes to “Completed”.
3. Improved navigation between edit pages.
4. Displays your account name (email address) for easy reference.
5. Ability to edit your email address.
6. Verifies your email address when creating an account.
7. Gives helpful tips if you have trouble logging in.
8. Pre-fills Contact form with your name and email address.
9. Updated status bar on edit pages.
10. Updated colors of Priority thermometers.

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