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The most up to date NOAA radar display possible!

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RadarNow! ® descripción

Do you work or play outside? Ride a bike or need to know what is happening right now with the weather?

Use RadarNow! ® to quickly see an animated radar image and current conditions! No digging through menus to see if a storm is on the way!

RadarNow! ® provides National Weather Service (NWS) Radar images from the NOAA WSR-88D NEXRAD Radar sites located around the US. Radar images are always the most current available. When you start the app, the radar images are from the site closest to your location.

RadarNow! is a free download with access to Premium features. Use the FREE Standard version to monitor the weather radar or choose to upgrade through the app to Premium if you want to activate the enhanced features. You may try the premium features with our free 5 day trial or purchase premium access for $6.99 for a "RadarNow! ® Lifetime" pass.

The 5 day free trial gives you free access to the premium features. Once the 5 day trial has passed, the app reverts back to the free "standard" mode. You will not be charged to use the free trial under any circumstances.

RadarNow! ® is designed to be fast, efficient and have great free options. RadarNow! ® Standard (Free) provides animated radar and local conditions centered on your current location. RadarNow! ® Premium provides an ad free experience plus a number of other features.

RadarNow! uses US and Canadian radars only, therefore is active for entire U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada and areas of Mexico and the Caribbean that border the U.S.

Please use the "Contact us" form inside RadarNow! ® (menu-setting-contact us) if you encounter a problem or have a suggestion for improvement.

We value your input! It was suggestions and constructive critiques from users just like you that led to the new, improved RadarNow! ®.
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