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Did you know most Americans pay $450 every year in bank fees? Recoup gets yours refunded.

Recoup is one of the fastest growing financial advocacy apps in the U.S.

Recoup's Magic Formula
With Recoup, safely connect to 16,000 bank, credit card, brokerage and student loan accounts in seconds. We find all your hidden financial fees and automatically file refund claims on your behalf.

Sit back, let us do all the work!

Then, if your financial institution decides to give you a courtesy refund, our modest fee is 25% of your refund. Earned only if we are successful.

When you use Recoup, you’ll never earn so much by doing so little.

Serious Security
Recoup's bank-level security protects your sensitive personal data.

256-bit Encryption
All information that travels between you and Recoup is encrypted.

Privacy and Protection
Your data is cyber insured up to $250,000 through AXA.

We Never Sell Your Data
Recoup never sells or shares personally identifiable information. Never.

You Can Delete Anytime
Cancel your entire account anytime. Your data is deleted.

Fast, Friendly Support
Need service? Just click "Help" to contact our Recoup Member Services team.

Why lose all your spare money to predatory financial fees? Download Recoup and get your cash back today!

Important Notice
Refunds are not guaranteed, vary on a case-by-case basis, and are the final decision of your financial institution. Recoup makes no representation that we will file a refund claim for any or all fees. We make no representation that we will file claims during any regular interval. The type and frequency of claims filing is at our sole discretion based on our experience and expertise with any number of variables including, but not limited to, your bank, your fee history, and past successful refund history.
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