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- Undiscovered haunted places, surrounded with different monsters, ghosts and other scary creatures - that is what Scary Land is all about.
- The horror game is representing an inspiration of its creators, that love horror games. All the screamers, scary moments, atmosphere of fear and horror will totally keep you focused and thrilled.
- Seek revenge for unknown creatures, that intrude your home, put everything on fire and chaos. Rescue your father from those intruders.
- Solve the mysteries along the horror story's way, slow down the time, collect & use special tools to solve puzzles, discover all different scary monsters and creatures: that is a really great time killer!
- Special tools for puzzle solving are representing the items which you have to find to solve one or another mystery along the way. Some of those tools can even be used to shoot the enemies, hit them or freeze for a moment.
- By the way, there is zombies too. And some other evil stuff going on. You can enjoy this devilish, full of horror and scary moments experience in this free version of the app. Everything is completely available for you without any in-app purchases or donations.
- Zombie that constantly search for you, ghost flying and attacking you, skeleton, and other types of enemies, including huge unknown monster, are awaiting you in this remarkably scary but full of enjoyment at the same time, horror game project!
- There is many obstacles and difficult parts of Scary Land. Some of them almost impossible to get through. Will you be able to finish all of them, including hidden ones?
- If you like such games, as: Five Nights at Freddy's, Death Park - Pennywise the Clown, Dead Space, Granny, Evil Nun, Outlast, Pipe Head, Poppy Playtime - Huggy Wuggy; or if you are fan of such movies as: Alien, Silent Hill or Saw, you probably will like Scary Land.
- Additional features of the game include: easy, intuitive interface and in-game controls; optimization, the game have to run smoothly on every single device; different difficulty for anyone's preferences; game translation, and many more small things that we took care about.
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