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Shared electric kick scooters

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Scoot’s shared electric kick scooters can be picked up and dropped off anywhere in your city. Use Scoot Kick for your daily commute, date night, or a weekend outing with friends.

How it works:
- Download the Scoot Kick app
- Create your account
- Use the app to find a kick scooter and scan the QR code to start your ride
- Ride safely by observing the rules of the road and wearing a helmet
- Secure your kick scooter and end your ride

Scoot is the original shared electric vehicle company. Our mission is to reduce global carbon emissions and traffic congestion that consistently plagues cities. In San Francisco alone, our riders have (to date) prevented millions of pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.

- You must be at least 18 years old to use the Scoot Kick app
- To operate a vehicle you’ll need to grant the app access to your GPS location while you ride
- Never ride with more than one person on a kick scooter and always wear a helmet

If you would like to see Scoot in your city, let us know using [email protected]

For more information, visit scoot.com
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