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Shift work calendar helps you keep track of your schedule, shifts and off days

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Shift Work Schedule Planner is a free calendar app for shift workers or for people who want to organise their work and everyday life. The simple and concise interface of the application allows you quickly display a schedule of any complexity. You can plan your off days with ease and keep track of your ever-changing schedule. This duty roster app is especially beneficial for firefighters, nurses, linemen, deputy sheriffs, and other professionals who have a constantly changing schedule and work daily shifts.

You can create as many calendars as you want and use them for different jobs or to track coworkers' schedules.

This app offers its own list of preset work shift patterns that you can immediately use. If your shift work doesn鈥檛 fall into any of those patterns, you can set a custom shift pattern and use it, or adjust and edit preconfigured ones.

The app is not only for work schedule roster, you can input your vacations, personal events, gym, holidays, etc.

The app also has a date search feature that lets you check if you鈥檙e supposed to be working on a particular day in the future, or compare calendars with coworkers.

馃搯 Shifts :

Create or use preset, fully configurable shifts.

Enter your income, hourly rate, working time.

Customise it with different colours and icons.

Type a note for a shift or change its description.

Put as many shifts on any date as you need.

Use preset shift patterns to add shifts quickly for longer periods.

馃搯 Multiple Calendars :

Create multiple Jobs/Calendars.

Create job schedules for multiple people.

Compare them on one page, date by date.

Backup and restore your calendars.

Personalize your calendar with multiple color palettes, icons and themes.


Track your working hours, shifts, personal events and money earned.

Select a period to see your income for each week, month or year.

Working goals and custom periods are under development.

If you have any suggestions or questions, or you do not understand how to make your custom pattern, or you want to correct or add a translation for this app, send me an email please - [email protected]
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