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Manage team schedules, communication, rosters and more for
coaches and families.

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SportsSignUp Play is a leading team and league management system, now providing schedules, calendars, communications, rosters and more to busy coaches and youth sports families in an easy-to-use app. The SSU Play app is free and can be used with any team or club!

Best-in-class features:
- Scheduling, calendars, and changes in real time
- Communications and updates on the fly
- Rosters, player info, video and photo highlights
- Simple, easy, and fun to use!

What makes the SSU Play App unique?

- SSU Play is 100% free for ALL our features and functionality
- The Feed allows teammates to post comments, highlights, videos, photos and more
- Family Schedules: track games, practices, and events across all your kids’ sports and teams in one place
- Interactive Player Cards make your players the hero - rosters, athlete info, attendance tracking for coaches, and tagged photos/videos
- Live game and score updates - share scores, stories, photos, video and more, right in the app!

The SSU Play app is built for all sports - baseball, softball, football, basketball, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, field hockey… or whatever team you are part of!

Start simplifying your sports life and sign up your team today!

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