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Full control of Bluetooth tractors, using a mobile phone. At home & on the move.

SIKUCONTROL descripción

Complete control of the Bluetooth SIKUCONTROL tractors, using a mobile phone or tablet. At home. On the move. Everywhere.

The Bluetooth SIKUCONTROL tractors from the John Deere, Fendt, and Claas top agricultural brands can be steered simply and precisely by means of a mobile phone or tablet, and without using a remote control module.

The use of standardised Bluetooth technology enables communication between the model and any desired mobile phone or tablet, via the SIKUCONTROL APP. A separate remote controller is therefore no longer essential.

All the functions of the tractors can be controlled by means of the app. Precise manoeuvring and the separate illumination of flashing lights and headlights are both equally possible. Steering the front loaders of the Fendt and the John Deere is child’s play with the sensitive slider controllers.

The innovative rotating cab of the Claas Xerion, the SIKUCONTROL trailer from Joskin and Fortuna, and the grubber and plough from the Vogel&Noot brand are controlled with great sensitivity.

The app’s control panel has virtual joystick steering, and also has the option of steering and navigating the models using motion sensors.

Motion control through tilting and realigning the mobile phone or tablet is used to drive the models. For the user, this intuitive feature is a welcome innovation when playing with the Bluetooth tractors.

The app provides technical background information on the tractor models. The model can be individualised by assigning it a name of its own.

The app is available in German, English, French, and Dutch.
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