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Spending made easy

Soldo descripción

Soldo connects smart company cards to intuitive software, helping businesses to manage spending and automate expense management.

Pay in store with prepaid Mastercard® cards and get virtual cards for hassle-free online payments. Capture receipts, VAT rates and notes with the employee mobile app, right at the point of purchase. And connect everything to the administrative web console and mobile app, to manage your team’s expenses effortlessly.

With the Soldo mobile app, employees can:

• Access Soldo card details
• See their available balance
• Track transactions in real time
• Get instant notifications
• Find company information
• Manage PIN settings
• Report a card as lost or stolen
• Lock and unlock cards
• Capture receipts in a snap (Pro and Premium only)
• Categorise purchases as they happen (Pro and Premium only)

While administrators can:

• Transfer money to cards
• Send PIN reminders to users
• Reset login access for employees
• Manage spending controls

Empower controlled employee spending

Help your team to buy the things they need for work. Soldo gives employees controlled access to company money, helping them to get the job done. Instantly transfer funds from the business’ Soldo account to prepaid Mastercard® cards. Allocate and reallocate funds in couple of clicks, for complete control over your cash flow.

On Pro and Premium plans:

Set automatic top-ups, to make sure your team always has the funds they need.
Make expense management effortless

Track spending with a live view of all transactions. Administrators can check in on spending using the web console or mobile app. And Soldo makes bookkeeping easy. Generate a wide variety of data-rich expense reports in formats compatible with your accounting software. Or connect Soldo to Xero and QuickBooks, sending data straight to your accounts.

On Pro and Premium plans:

Forget end-of-month chaos and constant receipt chasing. Soldo streamlines the expense management process with on-the-spot reporting. Employees get a notification, the moment a payment is made. They can then capture expenses at the point of purchase, snapping a photograph of receipts and adding VAT rates, categories and more. It’s all visible immediately in the Soldo web console.

Get a grip on spending

Proactively control exactly who spends what, and where. Soldo allows you to set up daily, weekly, and monthly budgets -  as well as spending rules - for complete peace of mind. You can even prevent spending with specific vendors, such as gambling companies, to reduce the risk of fraud.

On Pro and Premium plans:

Set custom roles and permissions for individual users, so admins, managers and users see exactly what they need to see, and nothing more.

What our customers say

“The control and flexibility with the product is ideal for scaling businesses”

-  Kevin Fisher, Head of Finance at GoCardless

“Soldo is a product that really delivers. Delivers on value and delivers on its promises”

-  Dennis Koehler, Global Head of Payment & Fraud, Get Your Guide

“Soldo has given us more freedom. One of the best things about Soldo is the customer service.”

-  Martyn Sexton, Finance Manager, Secret Escapes
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